Pakistan Army Center Quetta (EME) Jobs Advertisement
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Pakistan Army Center Quetta (EME) Jobs, Pakistan Army wants vibrant and energetic young individuals for its latest recruitment at its EME Center in Quetta. The Civilians and Army Retired Soldiers can both become part of this appointment procedure. 

Primary and matriculation education is required for this job. The required documents, CNIC, domicile, and experience certificates to the D.A.A.G, EME Center, Quetta Cantt for this job. All the applicants must come before the last date. This job is provided. to the applicant with a merit base.

Balochistan, Quetta for the fresh and experienced candidates on a Permanent basis who have a Check Advertisement degree. All the candidates with MS-IT, BS-IT/Computer Sciences, MBA, or M.Com will be given priority for this job. The Medical test is also taken from the CMH because Physical fitness is also important in this Job. The age limit is from 18 to 30. When the CMH pass all medical test then your interview is also taken from the Quetta Center.

پاکستان آرمی کوئٹہ میں اپنے EME سینٹر میں اپنی تازہ ترین بھرتی کے لیے متحرک اور توانا نوجوان چاہتی ہے۔ سویلین اور آرمی ریٹائرڈ سپاہی دونوں اس تقرری کے طریقہ کار کا حصہ بن سکتے ہیں۔

اس نوکری کے لیے پرائمری اور میٹرک کی تعلیم درکار ہے۔ اس نوکری کے لیے مطلوبہ دستاویزات، CNIC، ڈومیسائل، اور تجربہ کے سرٹیفکیٹس D.A.A.G، EME سینٹر، کوئٹہ کینٹ کو۔ تمام درخواست دہندگان کو آخری تاریخ سے پہلے آنا چاہیے۔ یہ ملازمت فراہم کی جاتی ہے۔ میرٹ کی بنیاد کے ساتھ درخواست دہندہ کو۔

بلوچستان، کوئٹہ مستقل بنیادوں پر نئے اور تجربہ کار امیدواروں کے لیے جن کے پاس اشتہار کی ڈگری چیک ہے۔ MS-IT، BS-IT/Computer Sciences، MBA، یا M.Com والے تمام امیدواروں کو اس نوکری کے لیے ترجیح دی جائے گی۔ میڈیکل ٹیسٹ بھی CMH سے لیا جاتا ہے کیونکہ اس جاب میں جسمانی فٹنس بھی ضروری ہے۔ عمر کی حد 18 سے 30 سال ہے۔ جب سی ایم ایچ تمام میڈیکل ٹیسٹ پاس کر لیتا ہے تو پھر آپ کا انٹرویو بھی کوئٹہ سینٹر سے لیا جاتا ہے۔

Pakistan Army Center Quetta (EME) Jobs Details:

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Post On:15 February 2023
Educations:Primary, Matric, Intermediate
Type:Full Time
Address:CP Branch, CHQ, EME Center, Quetta Cantonment, Quetta
Locations:Quetta, Pakistan
Last Date:28 February 2023

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Pakistan Army Center Quetta (EME) Jobs Vacant Position:

  • Chowkidar (BPS-01)
  • Cook Unit (BPS-01)
  • Head Sanitary Worker (BPS-02)
  • HS – I Mess Supervisor (BPS-07)
  • HS – II Carpenter (BPS-06)
  • Lower Division Clerk LDC (BPS-09)
  • Mali (BPS-01)
  • Waiter (BPS-01)

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Pakistan Army Center Quetta (EME) Jobs Advertisement:

Pakistan Army Center Quetta (EME) Jobs Advertisement
Pakistan Army Center Quetta (EME) Jobs Advertisement
How to Apply to Pakistan Army Center Quetta?
  • By sending it within a fortnight. 2 Women and minority persons will be recruited according to age and gender. Attach all the plates and certificates certified by the Disability Medical Board along with the application. 3. People working in government institutions should send applications through their throats.
  • Candidates should provide their mobile number in the application, incomplete and applications received after due date will not be considered.
  • Apart from BBS 1A, send a bank note of Rs.500 and an EME center coke of the name along with the name applications. Candidates whose age is 18 to 30 years till the date of publication of advertisement Application: From
  • 1- There is a three-year concession for Sindh (rural), Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baldistan and tribes. Ten years for 2 disabled persons.
  • Five years for recruits under Prime Minister Datari Fath.
  • A few hundred years for retirees and pensioners (Maximum age forty-five years till last date)
  • There is a relaxation of 10 years in the upper age limit (maximum 55 years) for in-service employees or contract employees whose contract is for two consecutive years Apply Here.
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